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Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly

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22-Apr-2015 Total War: Warhammer, Cinematic Announcement Trailer
18-Mar-2015 Total War: Attila Celtic Faction Pack announced
16-Jan-2015 Gamewatcher preview of Total War: Attila
14-Jan-2015 Total War: Warhammer's existence leaked
3-Dec-2014 Total War: Attila Red Horse trailer + New Civil War mechanics
25-Sep-2014 Total War: Attila announced
16-Sep-2014 Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition released
4-Sep-2014 Rome II's Imperator Augustus Campaign free for current owners
28-Mar-2014 Total War: Rome II: Hannibal at the Gates and Seasons and Wonders released
25-Feb-2014 Total War: Arena accepting beta applications
19-Feb-2014 Total War: Rome II - Beasts of War DLC released
17-Dec-2013 RPS: Hyrule: Total War impressions
17-Dec-2013 Caesar in Gaul DLC expansion for Total War: Rome II released + Patch 8
6-Dec-2013 Total War: Rome II adds Baktria Faction
2-Dec-2013 Caesar in Gaul DLC campaign for Total War: Rome II announced
1-Nov-2013 Rome II: Total War blood and gore DLC released
19-Oct-2013 Total War: Rome II patch + Seleucids faction added
12-Oct-2013 Total War: Rome II receives fourth patch - major AI changes
22-Sep-2013 Total War: Rome II patch #3 beta available
17-Sep-2013 Total War: Rome II Patch 2 released - Changelog
5-Sep-2013 Creative Assembly promises weekly Total War: Rome II patches
24-Aug-2013 Total War: Rome II - DLC plans revealed
18-Aug-2013 Total War: Rome 2 navy dev diary
10-Aug-2013 Purchasing Total War: Rome II gets you Total War: Arena beta access
1-Aug-2013 Total War: Rome II hands on preview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun and new trailer
25-Jul-2013 Total War: Rome II "Exploring Rome 2" video released
28-Jun-2013 Total War: Rome II's specs revealed
22-Jun-2013 Rome: Total War 2 developer session
9-May-2013 Total War: Rome 2 coming September 3rd
24-Apr-2013 Total War: Rome 2 - Battle of Teutoburg Forest 10 minute trailer
7-Mar-2013 Total War: Rome II - Parthia revealed
2-Jul-2012 Rome II media blitz underway

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