Budwig Protocol – Key Points and How It Works

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Budwig Protocol – Key Points and How It Works

Today, thousands of people worldwide are using Dr Johanna Budwig‘s protocol to overcome cancer and other serious diseases. I personally know of these people, and converse with them. Their oncologists are shocked at their progress and recovery, but that’s nothing surprising – oncologists and medical doctors mostly know very little about cancer healing.

This article by Barbara Minton gives an excellent summary of the key points of Dr Budwig’s research. Important things you wish to note are: (1) cell membrane health, (2) electron-rich oils and fats, (3) cells’ ability to take in oxygen, (4) cells’ electrical energy, (5) energy for proper and complete cell division, and (6) the sun’s energy photons. You will understand more as you read on.

Dr Johanna Budwig was a cancer researcher, a physicist, a biochemist, and foremost expert on the subject of fats, oils and nutrition. Her great discovery was the role which electron-rich omega 3 fatty acids play in the prevention and reversal of serious chronic diseases, and as well as in the maintenance of good health. Her greater discovery was how to make these fats water-soluble and thus easily assimilated by the human body.

She was nominated by her peers for SEVEN Nobel Prizes. But she never won. In my view and the view of many others, she definitely deserved to do so. Her contribution to humanity is immense.

She lived to the ripe old age of 95, and only passed on after a fall. That is a great testimont to the methods she preaches. Not many doctors can boast of such results.

Please note that this article does NOT contain ALL the details of the Budwig Protocol, but it describes the key points. There are other critical elements, such as foods to eat, stress reduction, and perhaps most importantly, foods NOT to eat, so as not to compromise the efforts of the good foods and good oils. More will be discussed in other articles.

The Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know (Part I)

by Barbara Minton

This article is about how you can prevent and cure cancer with a bottle of flax oil and a carton of cottage cheese. As incredible as this may seem, it is a truth that has been well proven and documented. It is also a truth that has been vigorously suppressed because the cancer industry is big business at its worst.

You or someone you love may have been diagnosed with cancer, and you are very much afraid. You have been taught by the disease establishment that you have a life threatening condition, and you had better sign on for the “standard of care” treatments before it is too late. Your doctors have thrown all sorts of frightening statistics at you about what will happen if you don’t have immediate surgery followed by radiation, chemotherapy, and probably a lifetime of debilitating drug use. You are being pressured to make an immediate commitment to these toxic treatments.

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