Budwig Protocol – Key Points and How It Works

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Budwig Protocol – Key Points and How It Works

Your mind is in a whirl, you can’t think straight, and you’re scared out of your wits. Now the cancer industry has you right where it wants you. You are in no condition to investigate alternatives. If you could gather your wits enough to start investigating what cancer really is and how it should be treated, your doctors know that you would run from them and their poisons. That’s why the pressure on you is so intense.

So what is cancer really? Does a person get cancer because he is suffering from a deficiency of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs? Once you realize that the answer to this question is obviously ‘no’, you will see that traditional “standard of care” treatments, even if administered at state of the art cancer clinics, have no cure to offer you. So there is no rush to sign up for those treatments. You really can afford to take the time to relax and regain your composure, and then decide on a rational approach based on alternatives that do offer you the potential for complete cure. Whether you have a lot of money or not, and even if you have no health insurance, you really can make a complete recovery from cancer.

Cancer is an indication that something is drastically wrong with what you are putting into your body. If you have a family with a high incidence of cancer, maybe you think cancer is in your genes and you really can’t do anything about it. This is not true. No matter what your genetic makeup, it is the choices you make that determine whether genes that induce cancer will get switched on. Cancer is not a deadly disease. Cancer is a life saving wake up call. So, with all this in mind, let’s get back to the flax oil and cottage cheese.

Johanna Budwig

Dr. Johanna Budwig was born in Germany in 1908 and died 95 years later. She devoted her life to cancer research and was often referred to as the top cancer research scientist in Europe. She was also a biochemist and physicist who was a leading authority on fats, oils and nutrition. After original and exhaustive research which included years of clinical trials, Johanna proved beyond doubt that unheated and unprocessed flaxseed oil could provide the body with the essential fatty acids that would replenish the loss of critically needed phosphatides and lipoproteins missing from the diets of many people of her time and are missing to an even greater degree in the diets of Americans today.

Through blood analysis of many cancer patients, Johanna determined that cancer patients were always grossly deficient in these critical nutrients. Blood samples from all patients with later stage cancer revealed a greenish yellow substance in place of normal, healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin indicating an inability of the blood to transport oxygen to the cells. After she treated them for a few months with daily doses of flaxseed oil, their cancer tumors gradually receded and the unhealthy blood color was replaced by healthy red blood cells. This change in blood color signaled the rise of phosphatide and lipoprotein levels.

Her discovery of how to make the fats water soluble was her crowning moment. She realized that fats become water soluble and able to pass through the cell membrane only when they are bound to protein. This is where the cottage cheese comes in. It is the binding of the electron rich fats from the flax oil with the sulphurated protein from the cottage cheese that ushers these electrons in through the cell membranes and into the cell walls.

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