Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

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Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

What Should a Cancer Sufferer Do?

Again, I must emphasis that this website is not here to tell you what to do. I am not a clinician or health practitioner. This website’s sole purpose is to provide information on cancer, as much information as possible, from various sources, so that readers like you can learn as much as possible, and thereafter make your own informed decisions. And the information is provided in good faith, with no claims or promises whatsoever.

I do not even claim to be unbiased. The truth of the matter, in my opinion, is that nobody is totally unbiased. We all have an interest in something; we all fight for a cause; we all believe in something. A parent may claim to love all his children equally, but in reality, he probably does have a favorite, though it would not be politically correct to openly admit it.

I certainly do not claim to know everything. In fact, I can’t even say I know a lot – there is just so much information “out there”. If someone asked me, “what are one or two things which I need to know about cancer?”, I would say, there are none; there is lots to know. I would use the analogy of a game of chess – in order to win, you need to be familiar with multiple strategies, and use them simultaneously; you need to know your opponent’s weak points and attack them, while at the same time protecting your own fortress (your body). Just one weakness, one mistake, if it is big enough, can mean checkmate.

Please bear in mind that, in life, there is often no clear cut right or wrong answer, and often no obvious black and white distinction. Grey areas are often present, and they are often significant. But what you must also keep in mind is that what is widely accepted and what is published in mainstream sources is not always correct or the best – the reasons have already been briefly touched on above.

There are also no guarantees in life. I could choose a path with the highest probability of success, yet still fail; on the flip side, I could choose a path with the lowest chance of success, yet somehow achieve my objective. Even with the information and knowledge I have, I may someday still die of cancer – who knows? Oncologists die of cancer, too. But what makes sense is to play the odds well, and make choices which increase or maximize your chances of success; this is something which applies to life in general. If your enemy is in front of you and you only had one bullet left, where would you aim? His head, his heart, his arm, or his foot?

Importantly, do know that there is A LOT you CAN do to both prevent AND defeat cancer.

Cancer is NOT a death sentence. It never was. Take it as a wake up call, instead, though admittedly a very urgent one.

I wish you a healthy and happy 2011, 2012, 2013 and life ahead. Remember, cancer is beatable. With the right lifestyle and dietary habits, great health beckons, even for the cancer sufferer.

– Reuben, webmaster of

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