Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

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Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

In truth, very little is known and understood about cancer and how it comes about. How much have we figured out about this dreaded disease? For example, people say smoking causes lung cancer – yet, I know plenty of smokers who never got lung cancer; on the flip side, there are scores of non-smokers who developed lung cancer. Thus, smoking is not a cause of lung cancer, per se, but simply one of the potentially hundreds of contributing factors. And then there are lots of seemingly healthy and strong individuals, even extremely fit sportsmen, who contract the disease; on the other hand, there are many weak and sickly persons who never get the ailment.

Why’s that so? Nobody knows for sure. Just remember – the body, due to various triggering factors, created the cancer cells; it thus makes perfect sense that the body has the inbuilt wisdom and intelligence to also reverse cancer, when the right environment and factors are in place.

  • Despite “knowing” that conventional cancer treatment “doesn’t work”, most cancer sufferers still end up pursuing that mode of treatment. Many factors are at play here – listening to authority, pressure from family members and loved ones, wanting to follow the status quo crowd and not wanting to take “risks” (i.e. doing something alternative), believing statistics and “proof” which have been manipulated, succumbing to the high-handed tactics of some doctors (who literally abuse and threaten patients who wish to do something else), not knowing what else to do and simply just listening to the doctor, etc – the list can go on. This, to me, is really unfortunate.

  • What I Would Do to Fight Cancer

    And while I am not here to tell you what to do, I can mention a little about what I do, and what I would do.

    1. I do not go for routine cancer screening. Not the conventional ones, anyway. Studies show they don’t help to decrease one’s chances of dying from cancer. On the flip side, the radiation from many of these procedures actually CAUSES cancer. Duh. And, further, there is the whole unpleasant experience of going to a hospital, as well as paying exorbitant charges. Let’s not forget to mention that the rate of false positives is very high, and many people go through a lot of unnecessary mental and emotional trauma, on top of being cut up, being poked, etc. I have no idea how many people have been wrongly “treated”, and had parts of their bodies sawed away because of mistaken cancer diagnoses. It’s more common than you think.

    2. If I ever get cancer, I might consider surgery, depending on many factors – how far the cancer cells have progressed, which part of the body is affected, whether any vital functions are being blocked or in danger of being blocked, the risk level of any surgical procedures, whether I will lose any body part or body function because of the surgery, etc. But I will not do chemotherapy and radiation. Simply because there are far better and more effective options.

    3. Cancer is a serious, whole-body ailment, and, in my view, the best way to tackle it is through a holistic treatment protocol which involves elements such as lifestyle changes, dietary program, exercise, emotional and mental work, spiritual work, detoxification, etc. It would definitely be useful to also include specific therapies which target and destroy cancer cells. I would probably consult a suitable health practitioner who has experience and expertise dealing with cancer naturally and holistically.

    4. As mentioned right at the start of this write-up, a cancer sufferer must take personal responsibility for his or her own healing and recovery in order to have the best chance of success. Above all else, this is YOUR fight, not your doctor’s, not your father’s, not your son’s, not your wife’s, not your cat’s, not God’s. The cancer sufferer is the one with the greatest to gain, and the most to lose.

    5. I mentioned emotional, mental and spiritual work. Yes, it is absolutely critical that the cancer sufferer maintains a positive attitude and a bright outlook towards life. This element alone can greatly affect one’s chances of success, either positively or negatively.

      Personally, I believe that even the best physical treatments would not work very well if the patient adopts a doom and gloom mindset, or does not have any belief in the therapy he is undergoing; in fact, I believe that mental stress alone can cause physical disease, as can depression, as can emotional trauma brought about by, for example, grief. When the mind and emotions are in turmoil, there are very real negative physiological changes taking place in the body!

      On the other hand, when a person strongly believes something will work, even if he were only given plain water, there is a decent chance that the plain water could effect some positive physical benefits – that’s the power of faith, and research has suggested that the placebo effect alone can work wonders as far as boosting positive outcome is concerned.

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