Choosing An Alternative Cancer Treatment – How A Breast Cancer Sufferer Made Her Decision

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Choosing An Alternative Cancer Treatment – How A Breast Cancer Sufferer Made Her Decision

This really bugged me. I have a negative bias toward chemotherapy to begin with, so she would have had to prove to me that it was absolutely necessary, and then I may have still said “no”. Based on my previous education in chemistry and my knowledge of how the human body works and how drugs are created and tested–that the dosages of drugs are set right below the level that is lethal– we have to be really careful about what we agree to take.

When they create a drug to fight cancer, they are creating a drug to kill off tumors that are actually made out of the same material that your whole body is made of, as opposed to antibiotics that are created to only kill off a foreign thing in the body. Chemotherapy attacks every cell in the body and works to kill every cell in the body. It destroys the immune system or damages it permanently. A physician probably wouldn’t agree with me, but I don’t think you ever get your immune system back. Anything that is so poisonous as to make the hair fall out of your head is deadly. Chemotherapy also destroys your organs.

Barbara: How did you come to the alternative treatments you decided on?

Crescence: After I sought out an alternative approach, I was lucky enough to find a medical doctor who is also a naturopath and believed in supporting the immune system through alternative approaches, trusting the body to health itself. If your physician gives you the idea that chemotherapy will cure you, you are being misled. Chemotherapy will kill off parts of your body, as well as manifested tumors. The alternative approach is based on trusting the body to heal itself. Only the body can heal itself. That’s why damaging the immune system is actually criminal in my mind.

If you find a good physician who believes in an alternative protocol, that physician’s protocol will include doing actual scientific tests to see if the areas of the body are functioning appropriately and at the rates they should be to foster good health. They will see what the levels of your estrogens are and your progesterone and so forth. My physician looked at new knowledge bases that are known in the EU. She worked from that format, looking at research being done on healthier, effective means for supporting the body and the immune system for good health. I can tell you what we have done in general.

We have supported the natural enzymes that are depleted from our food sources. These enzymes are essential to our good health. There is a whole biochemistry involved with good health that has to do with eating fresh fruits and vegetables and getting natural enzymes from them–because that is really the only place to get these potent enzymes. You can really see that an alternative physician cares about how the environment impacts health, and to me that is important – to look at the whole person living her life. In other words, the alternative physician wants to eliminate from your lifestyle the things that created the cancer. They are interested in preventing cancer, not in just killing cancer cells. My physician is interested in helping my body heal from cancer, not in continuing to punish my body because it developed cancer. It is very different from the oncologists’ approach.

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  1. San

    Reading what Crescence said, was as if I wrote it myself. I feel the exact same way about how I was treated after surgery for my breast cancer (stage 3 or 4). I refused even to have a PET Scan done, is CT scans are now known to CAUSE cancer and I didn’t need any more of it! Anyhow, I am doing nutrition and supplement therapy, along with exercising and keeping my weight down. I feel great and don’t even think about the fact I have or had cancer :-)

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