Choosing An Alternative Cancer Treatment – How A Breast Cancer Sufferer Made Her Decision

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Choosing An Alternative Cancer Treatment – How A Breast Cancer Sufferer Made Her Decision

The protocol is designed on my doctor’s theories and various models of what causes cancer. She deductively goes back into my life history and makes lifestyle suggestions, food suggestions and supplement suggestions that will promote and maintain my health. Among the things suggested are not just healthy enzymes but also the Budwig diet, with its emphasis on flax oil, vitamin D, iodine, and the healthy things you find in broccoli, beans and legumes, also glyconutrients. Her supplement choices were based on the ongoing series of tests I have done – blood tests and urine tests. A protocol can’t be generic. It has to be tailor made for the person. I can’t say that if you do thus, and so you won’t get breast cancer.

Barbara: What would you tell someone who is newly diagnosed and unsure of what to do?

Crescence: My advice to someone newly diagnosed and unsure of what to do is to calm down, ground yourself, discuss things with your inner self, trust your inner self, your personal guidance. Because I don’t think you need to rush into anything too quickly. This cancer has been growing in your body for a long time, for several years. Once it is discovered, it is not going to kill you tomorrow, or the next day, or the next month. You can take some time to think. What made me lose my focus and be at my wits end was when I was in the oncologists’ office and they have you rushing here, and there, and they bombard you with their techno-jargon.

I think physicians lose their perspective because they have been trained to approach everything as an immediate crisis, and they view themselves as dragging people back from the edge of death. It is a fear mongering situation. They want you to be afraid, because then you will be a compliant patient and do what they want you to do when they want you to do it. Their whole occupation is conscious or unconscious manipulation of people by their fears and making them feel guilty if they don’t do what they’re told. It’s that old physician as god syndrome. So my advice is, don’t let yourself be manipulated. Chemotherapy and radiation don’t have to be done immediately after surgery. You should allow yourself time to heal from surgery and gain perspective before you make a decision about chemotherapy and radiation. Be an empowered person.

Barbara: This is going to be a wonderful interview. I think you are putting out information that will benefit many people. Thanks so much.


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  1. San

    Reading what Crescence said, was as if I wrote it myself. I feel the exact same way about how I was treated after surgery for my breast cancer (stage 3 or 4). I refused even to have a PET Scan done, is CT scans are now known to CAUSE cancer and I didn’t need any more of it! Anyhow, I am doing nutrition and supplement therapy, along with exercising and keeping my weight down. I feel great and don’t even think about the fact I have or had cancer :-)

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