Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

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Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

Thinking back, it seems really odd to me that I never thought to ask Dr. Marquand what he was giving me. But I have to remind myself that this was in the mid 1970’s, when patients didn’t question their doctors – even the alternative ones. Back then, I was enough of a rebel to see an acupuncturist in the first place!

On my own, to augment the macrobiotics and Chinese medicine, I placed heated castor oil packs on my abdomen for about twenty minutes a day. I had read that Edgar Cayce, the renowned psychic healer, had used this method to treat cervical cancer. Cayce used to go into a psychic trance, from which he could determine specific treatments for each patient. His prescriptions were later cross-referenced and compiled into books so that people like me could use them as well. He had alarming success in helping people to heal themselves.

After a month, I made an appointment with my mother’s gynecologist. He was not a lot happier with my decision to forgo standard treatment than my first doctor had been, and wanted to perform cryosurgery which would mean freezing my cervix to slow the growth of the abnormal cells. I refused. He finally agreed to give me a Pap test. This time, the results were better, showing some pre-cancerous lesions on my cervix. Still not normal, but remarkably improved. It was enough for me, though: I was convinced my cancer was in remission and that I was on the right path.

It has always amazed me how many people can learn that there is something seriously wrong with their bodies and then go on living the same sort of lives, thinking that just because they are taking some drug (or getting acupuncture or using some herbs) everything is going to be better. I believed then – and still believe today – that we also must do something to change the environment from which our diseases form. In my case, I felt an incredible pull to travel. So off I went.

With a few good friends, I visited Peru and Venezuela. We had no real itinerary; we just knew we wanted to hike in the Andes and spend some time among the descendants of the Incas. I felt that leaving the cities of North America would be an essential part of my healing process. On the trip, I kept up the simple “rice and beans” macrobiotic diet I had begun. I carried my own cooking utensils and brown rice in my backpack, and I supplemented my diet with organic vegetables and a small amount of fruit grown by the indigenous people whose villages we visited.

Walking through ancient ruins and sleeping in primitive dwellings, I began to feel a sense of clarity about my life. Out of my familiar urban environment, I was at peace with myself and the world. I believe it was a major component in my healing to break away from the routines and unhealthy energy of my life back home at that time. Mostly, I felt that fear was leaving me. I knew that it would be impossible to heal myself if I carried any tension at all in my body, mind or spirit. Four months later, my wallet and my mind decided it was time to return to the US.

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