Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

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Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

Jill wrote:

My Work: Holistic Life Coaching and Detoxification Programs

Holistic Life Coaching is a creative and intuitive partnership setting goals and developing common sense strategies to overcome difficult life issues. By safely getting in touch with your deeply felt emotional vulnerability (the major source of all of our issues), I guide you to a stronger and clearer mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective. This transformational shift will then motivate you to set healthier boundaries within yourself and others. Food, as medicine, is a major component of this work. It will begin with detoxification from harmful chemicals, non-foods and unconscious eating. Fasting, raw foods or a gentle Macrobiotic approach might be recommended. You will be shown how to design and create your own lifestyle food plan using high energy nutrition; mostly organic and locally grown raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, wild fish, lean protein, nuts and seeds, whole grains, steamed greens, seaweeds, blue green algae, spirulina, and more….all with flexibility for your social life. There will be no deprivation or suffering on this protocol. Exercise, of all types, will be welcomed and expressed from this new found energy. A desire to treat yourself in a more meditative fashion will also naturally evolve. Life is good and you deserve to appreciate on its highest level.

Find out more:

Jill Ayn Schneider, Director
Circle of Life Holistic Programs
15492 Lakes of Delray Blvd., Suite 106
Delray Beach, FL 33484
(561) 638-8873


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