Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

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Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

I felt so much better when I got back home in June. I was certain that my cancer was on its way out of my body. I went to my new doctor for another Pap test. This time the result was normal. The doctor warned me that this test result was no guarantee that the cancer was gone – it could be just a temporary improvement, he said. But I knew better.

Two and a half years after I returned from South America, I gave birth to my son Aaron, who has just made me a grandmother. I’ve never had a recurrence of cervical cancer. Cancer swept me into a reality of how temporary and precious it is to have a human body. It was one of the wake-up calls of my life.

For the past thirty-five years, since this challenge of cancer, I have researched first hand a variety of modalities for keeping me balanced and healthy. I have been very attracted to nutrient dense raw and some cooked foods, juices, green smoothies and juice fasting for detoxification, enemas and colonic irrigation, and have become an advanced holistic therapist helping others to rejuvenate themselves and prevent disease. I guide many people through the process of detoxification just using organic juices, broths, tea, Green Smoothies, an ocean setting, massage, energy healing, enemas and colonics and lots of TLC. I have completed a book and musical CD of songs for healing called Romancing Life. I became a grandmother to Alana Rose in December, 2009.

Jill Ayn Schneider is Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs which offers natural detoxification programs by the warm Florida ocean. Jill can be reached through her website at www.circle-of-life.net.

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