Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

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Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

When we went into this, my husband had total faith in the conventional medical community, thinking that because we had good health insurance, I would get the best treatment available. But over the six months when I was in the clutches of the doctors, he saw how badly they treatment me; how they just made up reasons when they don’t have an answer; how they refused to take responsibility when they screwed up; and above all, the terrible toll the “treatment” took on me. He used to argue with me that GNM was no good — even though he didn’t know anything about it! When I finally told him that I was in charge now, because it was my life and my experience, he acquiesced. He finally realized that I would die (or be continually disabled) if I didn’t walk away from conventional medical treatment.

The Healing Continues

After the hysterectomy and all of its complications, I was left with a very scarred abdomen and a huge hernia. I knew that if I went back to the doctors who had done the damage, it would throw me back into conflict because I had no trust in them. So I decided to go to Malaysia and have a plastic surgeon, whom I knew and trusted, do the surgery.

At the same time, by the fall of 2008, I had regained the 50 pounds I’d lost in the past year, but also gained 10 more. My left leg was noticeably bigger than my right one. Conventional medicine would say that when the doctor removed the 20 lymph nodes during the hysterectomy, that he removed a key one and my lymphatic system was getting clogged up. I chose to believe that I still had a lingering existence conflict and that’s why the leg was holding water.

In January 2009, I went to Malaysia for the corrective surgery. Everything went well. But then one week after I returned back to the U.S., I experienced the worst case of bronchitis ever. It wasn’t just an occasional cough. It was a horrible experience. I couldn’t get out of bed, coughed 16 hours a day, couldn’t sleep at night, and every muscle in my body ached. Rather than panicking, I reviewed my GNM notes and read that we develop bronchitis when we are healing from a “fright scare conflict”. In GNM terms, my trip to Malaysia put me into healing of the scare fright conflict I experienced during 2008, when I was undergoing surgery and suffered through chemo.

Interestingly, with the bronchitis, within a week, my left leg went back down to normal size. By having a doctor I trusted to do the surgery in Malaysia, I was healing from my hanging existence conflict and could release the retained water.

The beauty of German New Medicine is that anyone can learn its principles. If you learn about GNM before you become sick, you learn how important it is to resolve conflict shocks before they can develop into a serious disease. If you learn about GNM while you are already struggling with a disease, it gives you reasons not to panic. GNM empowers you and helps you to understand that nothing that happens in your body is random, and everything in Nature has a purpose. With so much conflicting information everywhere about what causes and what doesn’t cause disease, GNM offers an explanation and a solution that is consistent and comforting.

Joanne healthy and happy again.

Joanne healthy and happy again.

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  1. Patchflower

    Hi, I am so glad that you are well. The evils of the cancer industry should be disclosed. Truly, the love of money is the root of ALL evil!

    One thing that’s not evident in your discussion is your path to healing. What did you do-specifically-to regain your health?

  2. ohiogirl

    I don’t know enough about GNM to comment on its effectiveness, but I thought you would want to know that Joanne passed away September 16, 2009. She was true to herself to the end and she and her husband made the most of the time she had after discontinuing her traditional treatment.


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