Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

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Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

My husband was afraid I would die without conventional medical treatment. He said that if I went the “alternative” route and died, he would never forgive himself. But if I went the chemo route and died, he’d know I’d done everything I could do to save my life.

Surgery, Chemo-Poison, and Complications

I had the surgery on December 28, 2007 at the university hospital. I had a complete hysterectomy. They removed an encapsulated tumor on my left ovary. I am left-handed, so the tumor on my left ovary was – accurately according to Dr. Hamer’s research – on my “partner” (brother/fiancée) side.

Even though I was told I was cancer free after the surgery, I was also told I had to have 6 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks in case there was any remaining “cancer.” “A million cancer cells can fit on the head of a pin,” said Dr. Happy.

Joanne describes herself as an Auschwitz survivor after surgery and chemotherapy.

Joanne describes herself as an Auschwitz survivor after surgery and chemotherapy.

After the surgery I had a lot of complications. I was hospitalized four times after the chemo-poison. I had continual leakage from the surgical scar resulting in hernia where only my skin (not muscle) was holding in my intestines. I lay on the couch downstairs, sick as can be, unable to move for 12 hours a day. Then when my husband came home from work, we had dinner and went upstairs and I slept another 12 hours. I lost 50 pounds, all of my hair, and looked like an Auschwitz survivor. I was ready to die. I created a “death” file on my computer, which included my will and a last letter to my husband. Death was preferable to life on chemo-poison. This went on for 4 months.

Another Conflict Shock

In March, I was admitted to the local hospital, because my blood pressure was so low, my organs were ready to shut down. While in the local hospital, I had a CT scan. They found a softball-sized abscess in my pelvis, which had been there since the surgery three months ago. Getting chemo-poison in addition to this abscess was making me extremely sick.

So here I am in the local hospital, and Dr. Happy and Dr. Doom and Gloom fought for 4 days over where I should be treated. I wanted to stay in the local hospital, but Dr. Happy insisted I come back up to the University hospital, an hour away. Talk about feeling like a piece of property! This wasn’t about me, but about the doctors’ egos. Dr. Happy won and they shipped me up to the University hospital.

While I was at the University hospital, they surgically inserted a tube for an external wound pump, which was supposed to suck out the abscess in my pelvic area. When I was taken to have the pump inserted, I was laying on the table. The doctor inserted the tube and I have never had such pain. It hurt so bad, like someone was ramming a red hot poker up my rectum, I naturally expected to feel some pain in my front, where it was being inserted, but not in the back like I did. It was a complete shock when I felt such searing pain in my behind. I hurt so bad, all I could do was whimper and say “that hurt.” The surgeon’s reply? “Good. (long pause) Now I know it’s in the right place.”

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  1. Patchflower

    Hi, I am so glad that you are well. The evils of the cancer industry should be disclosed. Truly, the love of money is the root of ALL evil!

    One thing that’s not evident in your discussion is your path to healing. What did you do-specifically-to regain your health?

  2. ohiogirl

    I don’t know enough about GNM to comment on its effectiveness, but I thought you would want to know that Joanne passed away September 16, 2009. She was true to herself to the end and she and her husband made the most of the time she had after discontinuing her traditional treatment.


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