Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

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Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

That fall I had an unusual experience which I now know was a sign that I was healing. My vision was so blurry that when it was time to renew my driver’s license, I made an appointment with my eye doctor and then went straight to the license bureau so I could be assured that I could pass the vision test.

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer

In July, 2007, one and a half years after my brother’s fiancée told us that none of us were welcome in our childhood home, I was told after a routine gynecological exam that I had a tumor either on my ovary or uterus, and that I had to have a complete hysterectomy. I looked at the doctor and said I would rather die than have surgery. Then I walked out and never went back.

He then sent me a certified letter saying I was going to die if I did NOT have surgery.

I really believed that I could handle this on my own and cure myself. Despite all of their CT scans and ultrasounds, they couldn’t even tell me if the tumor was attached to my ovary or uterus. I was 50 years old, had never been in a hospital, and wanted nothing to do with the traditional medical community. It was at this time that I discovered the GNM website, and it made so much sense to me.


I was doing o.k. until three months later, in October, when I ballooned out (like I was 6 months pregnant) with ascites. According to German New Medicine, an ascites is caused by water retention as a result of an “existence conflict”, typically triggered by a diagnosis shock and a fear that the physical life is at stake.

Now I got scared and went to another local doctor (Doctor Doom and Gloom.) He told me that if I didn’t have surgery I would have a bowel blockage, would have to have a colostomy, and the tumor was probably wrapped around the top of my leg and I might lose the leg. Remember, this is all based on not even being able to distinguish where the tumor was! He said the ascites was cancer cells breaking off and clogging my lymphatic system — an explanation I have never, ever read anywhere else. Dr. Doom and Gloom suggested getting another opinion. So I went up to an out-of-town university (an hour away) and saw Dr. Happy. Dr. Happy said “By golly, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Let’s just get in there and see what we can find.” So who would you go to? Of course, I chose Dr. Happy.

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  1. Patchflower

    Hi, I am so glad that you are well. The evils of the cancer industry should be disclosed. Truly, the love of money is the root of ALL evil!

    One thing that’s not evident in your discussion is your path to healing. What did you do-specifically-to regain your health?

  2. ohiogirl

    I don’t know enough about GNM to comment on its effectiveness, but I thought you would want to know that Joanne passed away September 16, 2009. She was true to herself to the end and she and her husband made the most of the time she had after discontinuing her traditional treatment.


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