Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

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Ovarian Cancer And Peritoneal Tumors – Healing Through German New Medicine

The Conflict

My loss conflict was the loss of my childhood home. Even though I had not lived there for more than 30 years, it was my first and only home until I left at age 18 to go to college. I now live 5 minutes away from the house, and I always thought it would be there for me to visit whenever I wanted.

In 1951, my parents built the house in a suburb in Ohio. I was born in 1956. We were a middle class Catholic family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My father died of chemo from cancer in that house in 1994. After he died, one of my brothers moved in with my mother. He was in his 50’s at the time, and had never dated or had had a girlfriend. When my mother died of a heart attack in that house in 2001, we assumed that he would continue to live there as a bachelor the rest of his life.

Imagine my surprise when my brother announced that he was getting married four years after my mom’s death. He never dated anyone and now he was getting married??? My brother’s fiancée was very domineering. She quickly took over and told all of us brothers and sisters to get our “shit out of the house” because she was moving in and it was her house now.

Since my mother had died, we never went through anything in the house, because we considered my brother to be the caretaker. On December 26, 2005 all of my brothers and sisters gathered at the house to “rescue” belongings we wanted to have as memories of our family history.

The Healing Tumor

My last menstrual period was November, 2005. I was 49 years old, so doctors chalked it up to menopause. But in reality, my periods stopped in December. In GNM terms, I was conflict-active with a “profound loss conflict”, which involves the ovaries.

I did not attend my brother’s wedding. A month after the wedding I began to feel a ‘fullness’ in my pelvic area.

According to German New Medicine, during the conflict the tissue of my ovary was disintegrating. As soon as I resolved the conflict, the cells in my ovary started replenishing, which conventional medicine calls a cancerous tumor. German New Medicine calls it a healing tumor.

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  1. Patchflower

    Hi, I am so glad that you are well. The evils of the cancer industry should be disclosed. Truly, the love of money is the root of ALL evil!

    One thing that’s not evident in your discussion is your path to healing. What did you do-specifically-to regain your health?

  2. ohiogirl

    I don’t know enough about GNM to comment on its effectiveness, but I thought you would want to know that Joanne passed away September 16, 2009. She was true to herself to the end and she and her husband made the most of the time she had after discontinuing her traditional treatment.


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