Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

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Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

…The Healing Plan…

Sugar = Raw Honey

Salt=Bragg’s Amino Acids

Nutrition Balance of Protein Over Growth

9 weeks:

1 tsp. Red Clover Blend

1 tsp. Whole Apricots (extract)

6 Food Enzymes

6 Parsley

6 Pau de Arco


1 qt. Carrot & Celery juice mixed (1 pint each)

4 months: EAT ONLY – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts (especially almonds), legumes, real butter and cottage cheese (no salt).

OMIT ALL – animal protein, eggs cheese and other dairy products, sugar salt, white flour, peanuts.


This plan is by Solomon J. Wickey.

The herbs for nine weeks, the juice for four months, and the diet for four months, is done all together…so, for the first nine weeks, you take the herbs, make the juice, and eat the diet; for the next two months, you are on just the juice and the diet.

From what I’ve (Marilyn) read:

(1.) AN EFFECTIVE HEALING PLAN that has a solid track record of success (personal testimonies of real people who have been healed)…is the best way to succeed at getting healed with (2.)pure water, and (3.)walking daily, with (4.)prayer/Bible reading. Also, see Bill Henderson’s site, http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com, for ways to live a long time after cancer.

story and plan reproduced with the permission of the author

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  1. cathy ray

    you DO NOT send $10.00 in the letter. you have to write because he is amish,(no phone),to make an appointment, i always send a self return stamped envelope for him, you letter will be returned with answer/appointment on it. he does not and will not accept money, he says not to thank him to thank god. he is a faith healer who uses different natural methods to figure the problem and to “release it”. if he sends you an herb, you only have to cover it and shipping, i once got a 6 month supply and the total c.o.d. owed was $6.75 (herb and shipping cost)

  2. Amy R

    I am in need of Mr. Hickey’s address as I am once again facing stage IV breast cancer. How can I find his address?

  3. Heather Lynne Zenz

    Solomon wWickey address is
    6308 County Road 43
    Auburn, Indiana 46706

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