Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

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Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

His love for me was so pure, so special, wholly righteous, my Heavenly Father’s love And I had broken His heart, once, as a Christian! How on earth….? Then, I knew. Nothing mattered. He loved me like that. He really did. Live or die, I would be with Him. And He loved me like that. I went to church that week in a cloud of love. The song leader kept glancing at my face. I even felt the glow! For weeks afterward, I was filled with joy. Who could know, I had an earth-defined deadly disease? It was in the Bible, Philippians 1:21…”For to me to live is Christ, and to die, is gain.” I finally understood that, a little bit better.

Since I had already sensed something wasn’t right in the mammography room the first time, I had been searching the Internet for days on end for an answer to cancer. Hadn’t I already seen what did not work? Both my oldest sister and my best friend had died from breast cancer, within two weeks of each other, in 1984, the year of my salvation. At that time, I couldn’t believe I was losing them both, when I had just gotten saved! What did it all mean?

I discovered many protocols: Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese had been utilized by many believers in Christ, and they had been healed. Dr. Budwig’s protocol! The grape cure had been comprised by Dr. Brandt, and she had rescued many patients from death’s very door. Barley tablets, B-17…but what would I do? What was my answer?

My friend, Mrs. Velasquez, called. She was concerned.

“How are you doing?” she asked, of my emotional state.

“Stressed, but happy,” I replied.

John, a brother with sickle cell, had let me use his colon cleansing products for two weeks. He said I’d be on cloud nine, cleansing. Boy, was I! That plus my daily 50 mg of 5HTP had me just bouncing through the house. Or, thundering? At 210 lbs., getting rid of toxins was an absolute delight.

My fourteen year old daughter was amazed.

“You’re really having fun with this, aren’t you, Mom?” she questioned, disbelief in her eyes.

Her dubious expression made me laugh. “Sure, “ I answered, smiling. “Why not?”

She shook her head, not understanding. How could someone be that happy with cancer? Was this mom the abuse-survivor, who had been so toxic and easily grouchy before? It didn’t make sense.

Now, I had to make a decision. Then, Jackie called again. There was an Amish healer in Fort Wayne, she said. His name was Solomon Wickey.

“Just send him ten dollars, a written letter with an SASE, and your photo. He will send instructions on what you can do. But you have to do exactly what he says!”

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  1. cathy ray

    you DO NOT send $10.00 in the letter. you have to write because he is amish,(no phone),to make an appointment, i always send a self return stamped envelope for him, you letter will be returned with answer/appointment on it. he does not and will not accept money, he says not to thank him to thank god. he is a faith healer who uses different natural methods to figure the problem and to “release it”. if he sends you an herb, you only have to cover it and shipping, i once got a 6 month supply and the total c.o.d. owed was $6.75 (herb and shipping cost)

  2. Amy R

    I am in need of Mr. Hickey’s address as I am once again facing stage IV breast cancer. How can I find his address?

  3. Heather Lynne Zenz

    Solomon wWickey address is
    6308 County Road 43
    Auburn, Indiana 46706

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