Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

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Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

By the end of the 18 weeks, I felt like a bird at the door of a cage. Let me out! And away I flew…right to the health store…for more vegetables. I didn’t want to quit! It was so much fun losing weight and feeling great, every day! Who would want to stop? Not I, said the birdie.

The protocol ended in December, 2007. Woo-hoo! What joy. In February, 2008, I was granted a CA 27 29 bloodtest for breast cancer, which would also be elevated if other reproductive cancers were present. Well within the reference range of 0-38.6, it returned at 5.5. I was elated. A mammogram and ultrasound followed in June-July of 2008. The doctor’s first report stated the tumor was “no longer evident”. Later, after two letters confirming this statement, he said nothing had changed and that I was refusing surgery. This called for a second opinion. A friend of the family, a doctor by profession, volunteered his time and effort to view the films himself. His report? He could find “nothing of concern”. Two nurses, one my own daughter, viewed the films. The metal clip on the grayish tumor in the before films was clearly visible in the after films. However, that murky mass around the clip, was replaced on the after films by clear, black space. No more gray! Praise the Lord!

Now, at 136 lbs., down from a maximum of 210 lbs., I want to reach my optimum weight of 120 lbs. I basically stay on the Eydie Mae Hunsberger diet, with some variation. I try not to cheat myself of good health and long life. When I give in and eat a popular toxic “food”, it’s never fun like it used to be. Or was it? I always felt bad afterwards. It was only delicious looking at it, and thinking of eating it. The actual consumption was far less delightful.

My toxic eating had been accompanied by toxic thinking and attitude. Once the colon was cleansed, from the inside out, my attitude improved 100%. I’m still a “ditz” where I was, and occasionally grouchy, when it’s very late and I’m extremely tired. However, the joy of the Lord really has more freedom, now. Suffering the shock and trauma of extreme marital abuse, is said to decrease our immune system, also, and transferred stress and anxiety to other relationships. Soul cleanse before the Lord, body cleanse thru the colon, and mental cleanse through positive, Biblical input and thinking…restores what the locusts have eaten.

To me, toxicity in eating can even harm good relationships. Toxic food gatherings where I hopelessly gained weight and acquired more proclivity to illness, were not a glory to God, but a tool of Satan. He loves to depress and sicken the very ones redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus (Hebrew: Yeshua)! How much ministering of His love never happened, how much joy was never expressed, how much winning of souls was passed up, because of the trash I was putting in the body that Elohim gave me. What must He think of that? I want to be in Biblical obedience in my eating. My obedience to El-Shaddai in this area looked like crumbs, while the loaf I desired was sinful, chemical-laden, disease-causing “food”. Elohim’s food for me is whole, unaltered by man. Time for a change! Praise the Lord.

I hope one day to have or live on a small farm, where food is grown chemical-free, and small animals flourish. I pray it will have a place to fish, or one nearby, in a clean stream or pond. By God’s grace, it will be a place of rest and refuge and change, to the glory of God the Father. I pray I will have or be a part of a foundation that can help provide the supplements and help purchase the organic foods cancer patients need to heal their bodies. Most importantly, I want to be part of a natural health prayer-line, where people can lay hands on phones and pray for people, as they begin or continue, their pathway to wellness. Praise the great God/Elohim, our Father, and Jesus/Yeshua, our Savior for all eternity. His Name is wonderful!

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  1. cathy ray

    you DO NOT send $10.00 in the letter. you have to write because he is amish,(no phone),to make an appointment, i always send a self return stamped envelope for him, you letter will be returned with answer/appointment on it. he does not and will not accept money, he says not to thank him to thank god. he is a faith healer who uses different natural methods to figure the problem and to “release it”. if he sends you an herb, you only have to cover it and shipping, i once got a 6 month supply and the total c.o.d. owed was $6.75 (herb and shipping cost)

  2. Amy R

    I am in need of Mr. Hickey’s address as I am once again facing stage IV breast cancer. How can I find his address?

  3. Heather Lynne Zenz

    Solomon wWickey address is
    6308 County Road 43
    Auburn, Indiana 46706

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