Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

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Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

Still happy as a lark, ridding my body of the toxic overload, I chuckled and agreed. She sounded a little frustrated. Was I taking this seriously or what?

My kids called me, one by one.

“Mom,” said one. “Do you really have cancer?”

That happens to other people’s moms, not theirs. I could hear it in their voices.

One of my sons called. “I heard you were, uh, sick or something,” he stammered.

“Yup!” I replied cheerfully. “Cancer! But I’m working on it.”

Back on the Internet, I d ” Solomon Wickey cancer”. Stories of healing came up. People with worse cancer than mine had been healed. Others had been healed of mysterious maladies, without medical remedy. I looked up different types of healing. Quickly, I decided that I would trust prayer and herbs and diet, together. I had done too much damage with wrong foods and chemicals in deodorants, soaps, shampoos and clothing, to expect God to just remove it all. He had totally healed my mitral-valve prolapse, years before, though. My kids had been healed of different illnesses, too. So, I knew He could, I just didn’t think I should ask like that, considering I had played a part in this!

Being filled with the joy of the Lord, I never added up the cost. I just plunged ahead. Mr. Wickey sent the protocol, a naturopath helped me order herbs the first time, I found a grocery chain with organic carrots and celery for juicing…and I was off and running. A juicer from a thrift store was seven dollars.

“The Lord put that there, just for me!” I said to a clerk. She looked at me, uncomprehending.

A homeschool foundation sent funds for curriculum. A generous sister and brother in Christ, with their own struggles, contributed to my cause for health. Mrs. Velasquez obtained vegetables from Amish farmers. The first two weeks, I drank purified water and ate whatever veggies she gave me. I lost close to 10 lbs within a month of eating like a camel in the desert!

As the toxins were flushed out by the carrot/celery juice, freshly made, daily,more pounds started dropping, like hail in a storm. One, two, three. I started to love the scale. Before this, I had felt so helpless about my weight! It kept increasing, no matter what I had done! Now, fun time, it was decreasing, to my utmost delight.

I thought I couldn’t stand another minute of the vegetable/fruit/nuts/grains diet, sometimes. Oh, for a nice ,hot juicy hamburger full of hormones, on chemical-laden “bread”, with deliciously tasteful chemical-ridden condiments…killer food, but the taste! Yet, that was how my immune system had kept getting worse, until I had cancer. Aluminum in deodorant was tested regarding cancers like mine. Thirty cancers, and all thirty were proven to be caused by aluminum, sometimes called “parabens”, in deodorant. That, plus my weak immune system, made my body a cancer minefield.

Now, I had to stick it out, no matter what, for nine weeks of herbs along with 18 weeks of diet/juicing. How would I survive? No toxic church suppers? No birthday cake? No hot, fresh doughnuts…not even one??

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  1. cathy ray

    you DO NOT send $10.00 in the letter. you have to write because he is amish,(no phone),to make an appointment, i always send a self return stamped envelope for him, you letter will be returned with answer/appointment on it. he does not and will not accept money, he says not to thank him to thank god. he is a faith healer who uses different natural methods to figure the problem and to “release it”. if he sends you an herb, you only have to cover it and shipping, i once got a 6 month supply and the total c.o.d. owed was $6.75 (herb and shipping cost)

  2. Amy R

    I am in need of Mr. Hickey’s address as I am once again facing stage IV breast cancer. How can I find his address?

  3. Heather Lynne Zenz

    Solomon wWickey address is
    6308 County Road 43
    Auburn, Indiana 46706

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